Casebolt Exphrastic (art generating more art) Challenge  (Click here for Author Unknown page)

SBU students,

As a college, we like to surround ourselves with words and deeds that bring glory to the Lord our God.  What might happen if we all focused our talents and skills around a painting or character sketches? 

Three SBU students have created the works (character sketches) below.  Your challenge is to respond to any or all of these sketches--in word or deed. 

Musicians, write a song.  Poets, vociferous verse.  Thespians, dramatic presentation.  Collaboration is legal.  (Poets offer words for the musicians, thespians, dramatic readings.)

Be creative.  Be punctual.   The last opportunity to submit your works to the Casebolt Project Committee will be 24 March 2018.

The Casebolt project is 24 April 2018. We will present these works at that event.   
Send your works and questions to Todd Sukany

The Sketches:

New Character Statements

Jamie Lynn is a 22 year old female who constantly is working at a diner to make her way through college. She's 5'4 with long red hair with blue eyes. She's one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet and she doesn't know a stranger. When she's not at college she's at work. Jamie is studying to be a high school English teacher, and her passion is writing poetry. When she has spare time she loves to sit and write. You rarely see her without a pen in her hand. One day she was driving home from work and got into a really bad car accident (a drunk driver hit her). She turned out to be okay, but now she is living with the scars that are left on her body. She gets down on herself because of that accident and sometimes doesn't feel good enough. She doesn't have a good home life. Her parents are constantly fighting. She doesn't feel loved or wanted but the one thing she holds on to through out everything is her ability to write. Her ultimate goal is to one day find the love of her life, get married and have kids and treat them better than her parents treated her.

Louis Carl Sebastian is neither short nor tall, fat nor thin, young or old, just early thirties. Aside from his rather sharp nose his face is unremarkable. And yet women sigh when he walks by. They are jealous of his hair. The purest blond, think and wavy. Not so long as to look like he cares about it too much, although secretly he does, but just long enough to show how perfect it is. Louis Carl is a man who cares too much about his image, and not enough about other people. He is someone with many friends, some who would say that they are very close friends. But he doesn’t feel close to anybody. He has gone by Carl since he was fifteen, because “Louis” is too…French. Stuck up on the inside and smiling on the outside, he wonders sometimes why he doesn’t care about his friends.

Early 20s, college student, musician. Sleek, dark hair and freckles. Looks put-together on the outside to disguise the fact that he is an emotional wreck on the inside. Socially awkward, though you would never guess it by looking at him. Stares at this feet when he walks. Is rarely seen without headphones. His parents are going through a divorce. He’s never had a girlfriend, though girls chase after him.