Casebolt Ekphrastic (art generating more art) Challenge  (Click here for Author Unknown page)

SBU students,

As a college, we like to surround ourselves with words and deeds that bring glory to the Lord our God.  What might happen if we all focused our talents and skills around a painting? 

Two SBU students have created the works below.  Your challenge is to respond to either of these paintings--in word or deed. 

Musicians, write a song.  Poets, vociferous verse.  Thespians, dramatic presentation.  Orators/speakers, orations. Artists, artifact. Collaboration is legal.  (For example, poets offer words for the musicians, thespians, dramatic readings.)

Be creative.  Be punctual.   The last opportunity to submit your works to the Casebolt Project Committee will be 6 March 2017.

The Casebolt Project is 6 April 2017. We will present these works at that event.   
Send your questions to Todd Sukany

Click the painting below for a larger print.