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016  Barr, John. “The Year in Review.”  Letter to Subscribers of Poetry, December 2006.


In his third annual letter, President of the Poetry Foundation John Barr reviews several programs and activities the Poetry Foundation has undertaken in its commitment to provide "a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture."  Some of the highlights Barr points out are the growth in circulation of Poetry [magazine] from 11,000  to 27,000 subscribers [in its ninety-fifth year, the monthly never missed an issue]; a first-of-its-kind research project entitled "Poetry in America" that revealed the number of poetry readers and the importance they placed on poetry in their lives; the expansion of Poetry Outloud, a recitation program for high school students in which fifty thousand students from fifty states and Washington, D.C. competed for $100,000 in scholarship prizes; a portfolio of initiatives in placing poetry in major media channels [such as American Life in Poetry, Ted Kooser's column reaching more than two million readers each week; and a family of websites which include an archive of 4,500 poems by more than 400 poets.


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